United Kingdom - From North to South and East to West

It's always good to be in the UK. The country side, typical villages with a rich history, friendly pub's (Guinness). And of course to drive on the right side. In other words, my favorite.

Germany - Ulm, Neu Ulm and Passau

Lots of traveling done in Germany, obviously a good place to be.

Austria - Steyr and Vienna

Pictures made in a cozy place called Steyr. I passed Vienna on my way to Hungary and made pictures there around the big palace including the famous gardens.

Spain - Barcelona

A small collection from Antoni Gaudi's art work who also designed the Sagrada Familia, construction of which started in 1882 and is still on going.

Italy - Torino and Garda lake

Italy, a favorite place to spend our holiday's. Enjoying the good food, the country side and nice people.

Hungary - Gyor and Budapest

Hungary, I spend a weekend here on Sunday 15 March 2015 which happened to be a national day, the Hungarian Revolution of 1848 in the Kingdom of Hungary grew into a war for independence from the Austrian Empire. For this day free parking for everyone, so no penalties for visitors.