Welcome to Global Pictures

Traveling is a way to discover new places and interesting objects. A perfect way to combine with photography as well. My collection of travel pictures expanded rapidly, so I decided to display them on the Internet. This is how Global Pictures was born.

The menu at the upper left corner can be used to select a continent, after which you can choose a country by clicking on the corresponding flag. An album will now be opened in a new window with photos seen by my photo camera. All photos can be viewed individually by clicking on the thumbnails, but you can also scroll the album by using the cursor keys on your keyboard.

A link to my other websites can also be found in the menu (The Dutch word for left is links). Here you'll find 'Fotooog' (Creative Photography) and 'Infojaguar' (Restoring project of my beloved 36 years old Jaguar XJ6 SIII).